Lavin, McCune and Torres shed wt add muscle

Mikaela Grosz, copy editor

March 9, 2017

Commitment. Determination. Dedication. These adjectives describe three specific seniors extremely well. Andy Lavin, Drake McCune, and Bryan Torres are perfect models for anybody looking for motivation. These guys have been working towards a c...

SJCA students turned SJCA teachers

Matt Antony and Olivia Madrigrano

March 9, 2017

Many people go to school to become doctors or lawyers. Others go to school to become teachers and scientists. I believe that teachers create good work ethics and students. This is because the teachers have been in the position of student and remain li...

Gessert blazing a trail in video production

Matt Broderick, copy editor

March 8, 2017

Senior Alec Gessert has found a passion in filming and editing videos. Whether it be filming trips he goes on or just random adventures with his friends, Gessert puts an immense amount of time and effort into his work. These ...

Why don’t some celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Aimee Stratton and Lyla Zapp

February 14, 2017

Many people that are married, in a relationship, or single typically celebrate a holiday called Valentine's day. Although many people do celebrate the day, many do not. Why don’t some people celebrate Valentine's day? “Valet...

Winter formal a big hit!

Avery Cottrill, reporter

February 12, 2017

This year, St. Joseph held their annual Winter Formal dance in the beginning of February. If you don’t know what that is, it is basically a second homecoming just in the winter. Many underclassmen enjoy going while upperclassmen stay at h...

Middle School love ?!?!?!

Sydney Antonneau and Anna Becker

February 10, 2017

Many things happen in middle school that are different from elementary school, and one of those things is crushes, dating, or liking someone. There's a lot of people that are opposed to the idea, yet many are for it. “I...

High school, here we come!

Olivia Madrigrano, reporter

February 10, 2017

As an 8th grader, there are many fears that come to mind when thinking about going into high school. Such as, am I going to fit in? Will I get made fun of? Am I going to fail? In 8th grade you know usually know your place i...

Students balance school and work

Megan Sharapata, reporter

February 1, 2017

There are many students at St. Joseph Catholic Academy who work as well as balance school and other activities. They’re working towards their education and through their work experiences building relationships and ...

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