Cell phones are hurting school culture

Sarah Ryan, middle school reporter

September 29, 2016

Ask any teenager if they have a phone and 90 percent of the time they will say yes. Texting, Instagram, Snapchat, music, etc., are all used on Iphones and electronic devices. Teenagers want to check their phones after e...

The Challenger reborn

William Van Lannen, managing editor

September 27, 2016

Welcome to the re-launch of The Challenger, the official student newspaper of St. Joseph Catholic Academy (SJCA). The Challenger, I’ll confess, has floundered in recent years, languishing in limbo, caught between the ages of ink a...

Remember When…

Emaleigh Bradley, columnist, reporter

September 25, 2016

Remember when is a column in which seniors, here at SJCA, share some memories of their years here. This segment will detail the funny, serious, and interesting memories that our school provides. It’s time to hear what the c...

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