The Lancerettes Take on the Season

Hannah Koehler

The Lancerettes are hard at work to perfect their dance routines for competition this season. Despite not being able to cheer or perform halftime at the boys basketball games, the Lancerettes took on an extra challenge. Coach Melissa Cronin decided that the girls will compete with three dance routines: Pom, Hip-Hop, and Jazz. Their first competition was held on February 7, where they will perform all three dance routines. 

The Lancerettes practiced from December 28-31 and learned all three dances in four days. With the help of choreographers and girls that have dance experience, the Lancerettes were able to learn all of the technique and skills in each dance. The dance camp was a way to bring all the girls closer together and allowed the incoming freshmen to bond with the team. Captain Nacelen Alvarez said, “We learned 3 dances in 4 days; Pom, Jazz and Hip Hop. Some of these dances were not what we were used to but we worked together as a team, cleaned the mistakes together and it made us closer.”

The dance team practices everyday right after school, except for Fridays. This has allowed girls to make friendships stronger while also forming new friendships. There are many girls who have never competitively danced before, but they have learned to enjoy dance and learn new dance moves everyday. Freshman Jasmine Baptiste said, “I’ve never came close to thinking I was going to be on a school dance team, and now it’s something that I’ll never regret.” All of the practices are filled with laughter and fun while still taking their job seriously.

Not only are the girls performing these three dances, but some girls have decided to do solos, duets, or trios. Mia Tynan, Molly Morrow, Nacelen Alvarez, Hannah Koehler, and Jordan Misinski are among the soloists. Captain Molly Morrow stated, “This is all new to me, I have never competed in the solo category, but I am super pumped!” 

Coach Cronin added, “We are off to a great start with our competition routines. We are competing this weekend for the first time in Jazz and Hip Hop as well as returning for our signature Pom routine. This year, to give more opportunities to dance, we have soloists competing in individual competitions as well. Nothing can stand in our way to dance, and this team will prove that if we can work hard, good things will come.” 

The dance team is looking forward to performing at four competitions. In addition to doing competitions, they are also performing a showcase where all routines will be performed, especially the solos, duets, and trios.