Saint Joseph Junior Andrew Alia Reaches 1,000 Career Points

Alia surpasses the mark against Palmyra-Eagle


by Sydney Antonnneau, reporter


As the starting point guard, junior Andrew Alia is a natural leader, running the team and helping every play run smoothly. Alia leads the Saint Joseph Lancers with nine wins and five losses currently. Many basketball players dream of reaching their 1,000th point by the end of their high school career, however, Alia had the skill and ability to reach that mark in this third season.

With this achievement comes years of hard work and perseverance. Alia began playing basketball at the young age of four. Growing up in a family of athletes it came naturally to him and he picked it up quickly. Throughout his life, he has traveled all around the country to compete and continue to better himself as an athlete. 

Although he is only a junior, he has plans to hopefully continue his basketball career further into college. His love for the game “and competitiveness is what keeps him striving to become the best athlete he can be.”

Alia believes,“the greatest athletes are created in the offseason.” On his few days off, Alia shoots around at the Rec-Plex in Pleasant Prairie and trains at Grind Season Personal Training Studio in Mount Pleasant. 

With lots of training and practicing comes early mornings and late nights in the gym, sore muscles, and not to mention keeping on top of his high school workload. Although it may not be easy, and surely isn’t for the average person, Alia has a goal and nothing seems to be getting in the way of what he wants. With this attitude, he will continue to accomplish great things and reach all of his dreams.