The end of an era

Lancers 2020 season comes to a close


William Van Lannen

Editor Danny Santarelli

Danny Santarelli, sports reporter

This whole year has been a strange one, a common theme for 2020 would be “unknown”. Just like the highschool football season. You could say that this season doesn’t count, or it doesn’t mean as much, but to the Lancers this season definitely counts and means more than just football.

Through the ups-and-downs of COVID, the Lancers overcame an abundance of adversity and realized what it takes to play in mid-November. As the 2020 season comes to a close, the Lancers have restored life in their program, making it to the postseason for the first time since 2017 and winning their first playoff game in five years, even making it to the regional championship game. 

“It is a season I will never forget,” said senior captain Jack Davidson. “We have overcome so much with covid, three games being postponed, it was hard to get into that rhythm to keep winning games. But, we never quit and I am proud of our team for making it to the final week and championship.” Davidson has been a two-way starter at wideout and corner ever since his sophomore year, and will be missed on the roster next year. 

The Lancers finished the season 4-3 overall (4-2 in conference) and third place in the Midwest Classic Conference, losing out on second place by a heartbreaking defeat to Brookfield Academy in the final game of the regular season. Two of the Lancers’ wins came by a forfeit due to cancellations from covid cases against opposing teams, games in which the Lancers were favored to win by big margins. But, a win is a win, and those two wins were key in allowing the Lancers to make it to the WIAA regional championship pool; being the second seed of four teams is quite an accomplishment. 

“Making it to the playoffs was our goal since day one” said junior running back and linebacker Caden Tolefree. “We worked so hard in the offseason, and to get all of that preparation taken away  because of covid would have been devastating. I am so blessed we were able to have a season and play until the very end, I will miss this team a lot.” Tolefree had a stellar junior campaign, leading the team in tackles. There is no doubt he will be monitored carefully by college coaches this offseason. 

This season will never be forgotten, in part because of all of the changes that occurred due to covid, but also for the seniors; it’s heir last season putting on the pads and they will always remember the year they ovecame so much adversity. “This was one of the best teams I have been a part of,” said senior safety John Skurski. “I wish it could have been a normal season, but we had to adjust and it is what it is, I am so glad we made it to the regional championship for a last dance with my brothers.” Skurski was a part of the last Lancers team to make the playoffs in 2017, but now has bragging rights for the rest of his life as he was a part of the team to win not only the battle against covid, but that first level playoff game during a pandemic. 

Through a season of ups-and-downs, and adjusting to the new normal, the Lancers would say that their season was a success. It is definitely one for the history books, and the Lancers marked their spot in the history books forever.