Close encounters between upper and lower campuses

The SJCA lower campus students eagerly meet with their older counterparts

The SJCA lower campus students eagerly meet with their older counterparts

Christopher Doan, reporter

The time for big to meet small approaches as the seniors rally in wait for their moment to come face to face with their younger counterparts.

The seniors of the upper campus were revealed by Whitney Whitthun to be involved in a project with the lower campus. This Senior Prayer Pal project, coordinated between Whitthun and the lower campus faculty, allows these final-year students to embrace the new generation before embarking for college. In this collective project, seniors will be assigned and distributed as groups of either two or three to be adopted by a specific classroom in the lower campus. As adopted seniors, the class of 2021 will engage in various projects and prayer activities with their respective lower campus classroom throughout the school year. Although faced with challenges this school year, everyone involved is excited to set the plan into motion.

Whitthun, one of the main coordinators in the upper campus, has experience in this project, as she has worked with the class of 2020 on a similar project. Although the former seniors’ project was disrupted midway into the second semester, she aims to overcome the persisting pandemic as she involves the current seniors in a relaunch of the mission. In discussing the plan to her senior audience, Whitthun said, “I recognize that this school year will be awful for the seniors, and it feels wrong to let their year end on a terrible note. I want to let this project prove to be a memorable experience for both parties involved before the seniors leave.”

Senior Robert Jenewein is excited for the opportunity to meet with the lower campus children. Jenewein said, “I think it will be a great experience to be able to meet and have fun with them. I am happy that the coordinators are working on a way to spend some time together with the lower campus kids. The first semester has been rough for everyone, so it would be nice if we can get this project running smoothly.”

Senior Giancarlo Smith remains cautiously optimistic regarding the entire project. “Given the circumstances, I think we would only be able to contact each other through Zoom meetings. However, I do hope for a possible time when all the seniors can go to the lower campus and we can hang out with them. It’s honestly hard to tell what will happen,” said Smith.

Due to the pandemic, the project remains at a standstill for the first semester. However, Whitthun has confirmed that seniors have already been assigned to their respective lower campus classrooms, where they pray for their adopted seniors’ academic success.