Subtracting One, Adding Another


Christopher Doan, reporter

It is now time for the teachers to show their work in math class. Susan Goss takes on the mantle after Grace Kim’s resignation and manifests her work through her veteran experience and teachings.

Grace Kim taught Algebra II and AP Calculus for SJCA’s sophomore and senior classes respectively. However, Kim resigned from her position due to her decision to move. Susan Goss stepped forward to substitute for the semester. Goss, well-known for her thirty years of teaching and as well as her competitive achievements and role as a member of the board of the Wisconsin Senior Olympics, is committed to live up to the same expectations that her students had of Ms. Kim.

Goss fully realized her calling to be a teacher when she recognized the challenge and excitement she felt as a graduate assistant teaching College Algebra and Trigonometry. After earning her MS in 1979, she received her first teaching assignment in a junior high school in Galesburg, Illinois. Goss went on to continue her work in 1990 at Zion-Benton Township High School until her retirement in 2016. Goss had graded exams for AP Statistics every summer for fifteen years.

Goss recognizes the uphill battle as the new teacher, but she is prepared to face the challenge head on. She paints herself as a reliable teacher for her AP Calculus students in particular through her teaching experience as well as the fact that she can correspond with other AP Calculus teachers in a Facebook group she belongs to. With the assistance of Ms. Kim herself alongside both the student and teacher bodies, Goss is optimistic about her classes. “Ms. Kim was very helpful – she helped prepare the assignments and tests for October so as to not make it so overwhelming. I really appreciate her for doing this for me. The teachers have also been welcoming and helpful. The students are especially mature and well-spoken,” said Goss.

Senior Giancarlo Smith, a student of her AP Calculus class, is acclimating to her but nevertheless welcomes the newest addition to the math team. Smith responds, “I’m not used to her teaching style. I just need time, and eventually class will run smoothly.”

Senior Tyler Michel, another student of her AP Calculus class, remains positively hopeful for the future. “Mrs. Goss’ teachings have been pretty helpful, and I hope that our class can pass the AP Exam with her aid,” said Michel.

Susan Goss will only teach for the remainder of the semester, but she still offers her full support and guidance to her students for the first semester. Early next year, she plans on taking a trip to Argentina and Antarctica. Goss responds, “I’m excited that I’m taking a trip to Argentina with my son and his wife.  I will take a side trip to the Tierra del Fuego Archipelago, at the southern tip of South America, and set sail from the city of Ushuaia to see my sixth continent, Antarctica!”