Winter formal takes students back to Roaring 20’s


Welcome to the Roaring 2020s! Our annual Winter Formal was a couple weekends ago and is sometimes viewed as the “winter homecoming,” since it is the first weekend of February. Our school had a great turnout and about half of the students from each grade level were there to have fun and dance. Compared to past years, not as many students went to Winter Formal or the other dances because they “weren’t as much fun”.

It is so much fun to have a dance soon after starting the second semester. It really kicks off the second half of the year and gets everyone more excited for what is to come.

Most people seemed to be having a fun time but there were a couple of negative comments about the music and the DJ. DJ Erin has been at our school for over 10 years and normally he does an exceptional job. It was noticed that many students are starting to get sick of some of the songs he plays. Specifically, “Halo” by Beyonce, “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, and “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen.

On a more positive note, DJ Erin played many new songs we all know and love. Senior, James Castro, said “I love any excuse to dress up, dance, and sing with my friends. I think we had a really good turn out this year compared to past years.”

The photo booth seems to be a hit at every dance. The photos always turn out looking amazing and it is a fun way to remember the memories made at each dance. “I had so much fun taking pictures with my friends in the photo booth. I love that they have the photo booth at every dance. There’s always fun props,” said Grace Prostko.

The “Roaring 20s” theme fit the year perfectly and the seniors had such a great idea. The Student Council decorated and cleaned up the cafeteria. They did a great job decorating with the black and gold. Wylie Knight said “the decorations actually matched a lot of our outfits.” At least ½ of the students that came wore black.

As long as we keep having the turn out that we did this year, Winter Formal will continue to be so much fun. Everyone had a blast.