‘Will you be my Valentine?’

High School sweethearts roam the halls


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the couples of St. Joseph Catholic Academy were asked their plans on this very special day. 

February 14th, the day known to celebrate the language of love, is widely celebrated throughout the world, and this year, SJCA students are lucky enough to have this lovely day off from school. 

Bradley Jankowski said, “I planned a surprise date for my girlfriend, because she told me to: but don’t tell her, because it’s a surprise.” That sounds like a fun day ahead for him! Although Valentine’s Day may not mean too much to this student, he is powering through with a smile on his face. 

Bradley isn’t the only student who plans on a nice Valentine’s Day, Braedon Peterson also stated, “I’m going to spend time with my beautiful girlfriend and make sure she has the best Valentine’s Day ever.” (No doubt touching the hearts of many students that he told this to.)

Mary Bolog is very enthusiastic about spending Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend and fellow classmate, Jack Moyer. Although she is “unaware of plans for the day” she knows that whatever they do will be very special.


While these students shared their plans with their significant others, Amy Walther also shared her plan for the day. She will be babysitting three kids and showing them how to create Valentine’s cards and crafts to surprise their mom with some special gifts when she gets home. 

Overall, everyone asked seems to have a planned day of fun. This holiday serves many different purposes, and is a great excuse for anyone to show a little extra love to the ones around them. It is not only for couples, so hug your loved ones, tell your family you love them and spread nothing but happiness, not only on Valentine’s Day, but everyday forward.