Monitor your child’s ‘weapons of mass distraction’

It’s the responsibility of all of us


Mrs. Santarelli

Like all Catholic schools, St. Joseph Catholic Academy seeks to form students who fully live out the Gospel values in school, at home, on the sporting field and especially when no one is watching. Most importantly, we hope to instill a strong moral compass that stays with our students long after they leave our school and venture out into the world. Forming our students to become the moral leaders of tomorrow is not only our mission, but is also a serious responsibility that we all share.

As the adults and standard bearers in our school community, we are all obligated to contribute to the collective good and well-being of every student. At SJCA, in certain respects, we truly are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers. Of course each family at SJCA is raising their own children, with unique family values, traditions, and rules. We honor and respect the decisions that our families make in their own homes; however, being a part of the SJCA family calls us to more. Being a Catholic school, a school founded on faith, and rooted in the Lancer values, requires us all to recognize and adhere to collective values, shared expectations and a set of community standards that unite us.

Please understand that when you allow your child to watch inappropriate movies, view overly mature content on social media, use unacceptable language, disrespect others, or engage in hurtful talk, those behaviors then enter our school community. We do all we can here at school to filter and control these influences, but many times, the disrespectful words have already been said to a peer, the graphic details of the horror movie have already been shared with classmates, the inappropriate images have already been described at recess and the foul language has already been spoken before it comes to our attention.

Our faculty and staff fully realize that all children are developing, growing and maturing during these school years and pushing the limits and boundaries is a very normal part of child development. The teachers address any issues in their classrooms with sensitivity and empathy. Likewise, I address them when necessary. However, we hope that our families will partner with us to uphold a level of behavioral expectations and moral standards that reflect, exemplify and align with the Gospel values as well as our Lancer Values.

Toward that end, please monitor and limit what your children are watching on their electronic devices. Screen the movies they see, the sites they visit and the language they hear. You would be very surprised at the number of students who admit that they often access unauthorized websites and view inappropriate content. Also, many students watch movies, play video games and hear music that is well above their maturity level. Students have shared with me that even they are made uncomfortable and scared by some of the content they access. We have made arrangments with Officer Friendly, Tyler Cochran, from KPD to do a special presentation for our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders on internet safety.

As parents and the formative adults in our students’ lives, we all have a responsibility to look out for each other’s children. Working together, harnessing our combined, unlimited love for our children, let’s all promise to ensure that every student has a safe, healthy, moral, balanced, virtuous experience both in and out of school. We truly are all in this together.


Be Awesome!



Mrs. Santarelli