Seniors appreciate opportunity to Feed My Starving Children


James Castro


With 163 boxes packed, 35,208 meals prepped, 97 kids fed for a year, and all for the total of $8,45,; the senior class of Saint Joseph Catholic Academy reveled in the opportunity to make an impact against hunger worldwide. 

Recently, student traveled to Feed My Starving Children located in Libertyville, a non-profit organization with the goal of feeding starving children across the globe in both body and spirit. ‘We want to reach everyone, until ALL are fed”’ state’s the group’s mission statement.

 The meals consisted of one tablespoon of dried vegetables, one tablespoon of essential vitamins and minerals, one cup of dried soy, and one cup of white rice. “The food was a base foundation for them to add spices and seasoning,” said senior Ellie Madli. The organization chose rice as their meal foundation because “it is the universal grain” and as they state, “most people know how to cook rice worldwide.” 

Before working with the food, students viewed a few heart-warming video recordings of people around the world receiving the meals in packages. Eating with their hands full of rice, they were so happy to eat what we were about to prepare. 

While working in the packing room, students worked in groups of six with two wings. Groups consisted of two people measuring the ingredients with food safe gloves, two students weighing the package to the correct proportion adding rice if needed, one student sealing the bags until they were air tight, and one student loading the boxes with the correct amount of 36 meal preps in each box. Other jobs involved switching out the empty ingredients with new ones, and also working in the warehouse, collecting boxes.

Every student had a job of their own for two hours. “It was more enlightening than I thought it was going to be,” said senior Katherine Dabroski. Seniors of the 2020 class diligently worked to provide nutritious meals for hungry families around the world.