Class of 2020: College Bound

Best friends are preparing to move hundreds of miles away from each other. The class of 2020 will soon be spreading out across America for their college experience. Many, however, will not be more than an hour away from home.

 College is supposed to be one of the most memorable things in life. Here at St. Joseph’s the graduating class is hoping to get a lot out of their college experience. “It’s a change of scenery to say the least. Going to classes a couple times a week, meeting new people, going to parties, and much more,” said Austin Bencs, who is planning to attend UW-Milwaukee.

UWM is one of the top colleges chosen by this year’s class along with Marquette, Carthage, St. Norbert, Loyola, and DePaul. None of these schools is more than two hours away from beloved Kenosha, the homefront. 

Some kids though are definitely looking out of state like Josephine Knight who’s looking at Clemson and Tennessee, or Grace Borchardt who is looking at Tampa or South Carolina. 

These colleges are right in the heart of a big city while colleges are in the middle of nowhere. Dominic Stancato who is committed to Marquette said, “The campus is nice and it’s right in the midst of Milwaukee, a big city with great opportunities for me in college and once I graduate.”

Katie Kormylo who is going to St. Norbert said, “The staff at St. Norbert was incredibly helpful for my future path and on top of it the location is safe and close to home.” St. Norbert is in a small town of De Pere right next to Green Bay. 

Every college is unique. There are so many colleges out there all over the world; hopefully, the seniors here have picked out the right one for them.