Gift Giving

Gift Giving


The three wise men brought baby Jesus frankincense and myrrh but the SJCA kids are hoping for a vacation, cross-body bags, and coloring books. 

The holidays are rolling in once again and what better way to kick off Christmas this year than with a 12 day break from school? Santa is coming again and this year the bar is being raised. 

#1 on the gift list this year for women is a wallet cross-body bag and for kids it’s a “baby shark” coloring book. According to good housekeeping, the top gift than men want this year is a golf ball beer pint glass. 

Senior, Patrick Connolly, says, “I would like to receive Liverpool, soccer jerseys this year for Christmas. I feel like when we were little, everyone liked getting toys and it was great because toys, toys, and more toys but then we started growing up and we wanted clothes until we got sick of getting them and now we’re onto specific gifts that we each want.” 

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, everyone loves receiving presents. Although, adults say it’s not about receiving it’s about giving and you don’t give to get. 

In between the writing of final exams, teachers, too, are getting into the act. 

Mrs. Epping said her favorite gift as a kid was the “barbie dreamhouse” she received from her parents. Now she’s buying for her husband: “This year my husband and I are putting a price limit on our Christmas gifts for each other; I got him a cute taco holder and some golf accessories along with little stocking stuffers. 

“I don’t know what he is going to get me, he is really good at gift giving, I’m guessing some sort of workout clothes or sweatpants, something cute,” said Epping. 

“Unlike past years when we decided not to get each other anything and just spend money on our nieces and nephews, I’m actually getting Michele a gift of jewelry–the stuff I won as part of the Jewelry and Java lot at this year’s Blue & Gold auction,” said Mr. Van Lannen. “She gets the jewelry and I get the java. I’ve never known a woman who didn’t love jewelry!”