J-Trippin’ across the globe

Students at SJCA take to the skies during winter break


Yucatán Peninsula Trip in 2018

Alex Daher, feature reporter

As January approaches, the students of Saint Joseph Catholic Academy are gearing up in preparation for long awaited treks into the unknown. 

From building houses and their faith in the Dominican Republic, to journeying to the tops of the mountains in Yucatan Mexico, or even a march to save the lives of unborn babies in Washington DC, the students of SJCA are on course and set to conquer the world during everybody’s favorite time of the year – J-term! 

The long awaited mission trip to the Dominican Republic is a widely known voyage that takes place every year involving some of our SJCA seniors. This group of dedicated students have been fundraising all year through bake sales, T-shirts, creative crafts, and letters. The seniors have tirelessly been preparing for the life-changing event that they are preparing to not only build up houses, but their faith as well. 

Senior Keely Kennedy said, “I am so excited to grow in my faith and be involved in such a life changing trip.”

Yucatan Mexico Trip is one that many students grades 9-12 are eager to experience. The prime objective of this trip is to provide the students of SJCA with a cultural experience all while practicing their Spanish language skills in real-life situations. This trip will consist of visits to archaeological sites and museums. The students will also get the opportunity to work with Mayan communities and a visit to a local orphanage.

Monica Dillman, Spanish Teacher and trip organizer, is excited to go on the trip for a third year in a row and aid her students in experiencing new cultures. 

The March for Life in Washington DC, is an event that SJCA participates in every year; students peacefully protest the practice of abortion. 

Veteran to the march and senior Grace Borchart who has gone on the trip every year of her high school experience stated, “Standing up for what I believe in is important to me and I’m really excited to be involved in this experience.” The students are eager to support their faith through the promotion of every human life. 

J-term is a good break for students between semesters, but for others it’s an ideal time to venture out to experience new cultures and ways of life, all while escaping the harsh and often times brutal weather of Wisconsin.