Christmas couples

Students ponder what gifts to give girlfriend or boyfriend

Christmas couples

Bradley Jankowski, feature reporter

It’s that special time of year with Christmas right around the corner. Spending time with family and friends, getting and giving gifts, and making memories that will last forever.

It can be an awkward situation for a high schooler who brings a boyfriend or girlfriend to a big family event like this. Should couples open gifts in private? Should they even give or get a gift or what should they do when opening gifts with family? Should your family get them a gift or just shrug it off?

Bradley Janknowski who’s dating Katie Kormyor said, “My parents are getting Katie a gift because they count her as family and wouldn’t want her to not get a gift on Christmas.” That begs the question: How much should one spend on one’s counterpart?

Matthew Hill said, “I plan on getting Gabby a blanket and some other stuff,” adding “everything costs money and we’re only in high school so it’s not like I’m made of money.”

So does that mean that kids should just stick to something small and cheap for Christmas?

Ben Franklin countered that idea by saying, “It’s a once a year type thing and if I want to waste my money on all these gifts then I will. We have nothing better to use our money on.” 

This seems very argumentative from the guy’s point of view. What do the girls have to say?

Mary Bolog said, “It doesn’t really matter how much Jack gets for me or how much he spends. What matters to me is if the present means something more than just the gift.” 

Katie and Gabby both agreed with Mary saying that as long as it comes from the heart and the guys actually took the time to find something special then they are okay with whatever it may be.

Christmas definitely seems like it goes a lot easier for the girls than it does the guys when it comes to buying gifts for each other. What do you think? Is it easy for you come Christmas time to get your partner a gift and all the fun times that come along with Christmas?