Black Friday beckons

Students and staff are gearing up for holiday sales

Black Friday beckons

Bradley Jankowski, news reporter

Should high school students be allowed to go black Friday shopping? Is going Black Friday shopping something to look forward to or is a blatant and obnoxious example of consumerism?

On the dark side, there have been 12 deaths and 117 injuries across the country. Is the risk of getting injured less important than getting an okay deal? To wait all night outside in the cold just to go and spend a whole bunch of money seems a tad excessive.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is, however, one of the biggest shopping days of the year. The kids at St. Joseph Catholic Academy don’t seem too excited about black Friday but rather more excited for “Cyber Monday” where they can be nice and warm inside and look at all the stores they want at the ease of their fingertips. Maybe Black Friday isn’t what it used to be or maybe St. Joe’s is hopping on the Cyber Monday trend. Perhaps they just don’t want to risk the chance of injury or the hassle of the long process to get into a store.

Katherine Kormylo said, “I personally don’t plan to go black Friday shopping nor have I ever; the deals aren’t good enough for my hundred pound frame to fight people over things.”

On the other hand people will wait for a couple of days just to get the one deal they want. Mr. Van Lannen, for example, plans to buy a new camera for this publications class. (Yes, the one he had stolen from his car and yes he blames himself for being so trusting.) Xavier Neave who works at North Face said Black Friday hold the promise of added money. “I’m excited for Black Friday because I get paid extra for working those days.” 

Dominic Stancato who works at Target as a stocker said that the trucks are coming nonstop and that Target is ready to host thousands of people lined throughout the store to get a great deal. Dominic personally isn’t working Black Friday but he also stated the chaos that is going to be there is way to much for him to deal with again after last year.” Last year there were so many people there the line was wrapping around the side of the building.” That is an insane amount of people that really want an item on sale.

Stay or go, be safe and don’t forget to take time to appreciate the real meaning of Thanksgiving — friends and family!