House of Hysteria full of frights

House of Hysteria full of frights

Joseph Stapleton, feature reporter

Thankfully I was not alone, I had a friend with me, Jesse. We took a trip to a House of Hysteria and Ambush, and a corn maze where we were stalked by different creatures of the night. If one wishes to visit this location, by themselves or with a friend, “the abandoned haunted house complex” is located right off of I-94, 2825 SE Frontage Road. Mount Pleasant. For a cost of $35 you can experience all the attractions the site has to offer. 

After a short wait and being told to enter inside, my friend and I stood in a lane off to the right hand side. We waited, watching the clock count down. It didn’t reach zero, we were called in. A man wearing black clothing with his face painted black and white, pointed at us and gestured for us to enter. The door was closed, all went dark. In the darkness, I could see someone wearing a fur garment and horns on top of their head (from what little I could see). 

I began to feel uneasy, I had never gone in with only one person. The first time I went, I was with someone and a few other random people. I started to panic and I went into the wrong lane. We went back into the correct lane, and I stopped dead in my tracks. I did not want to continue. 

My friend urged me to go, and so I did. The door slammed shut behind us and we were in a small workshop where someone was frantically moving around and speaking very quickly. He looked at my friend, and told him to press the space key on a keyboard; the lights began to flicker, and the room was filled with a deafening sound. The lights came back on briefly, and we stepped through the threshold of a hidden door into near complete darkness.

The only way out was forward. 

Our journey through the “Hysteria House” had begun; it consisted of a maze-like path and quick  turns and ascending and descending floors through swamps, circus grounds, an old house, and hell. We were presented with hands reaching out of the walls, strange human hybrid animals jumping out at us, and being followed (only temporarily at points), and screams and very loud noises as we went from one section to the next. Some areas used illusions, others used the dark or blind spots to get us; we could not tell whether a supposed mannequin was an actor or not, adding to the confusion.. 

Moving at a fair pace, and making it through with little to no stops, one could reach the end in 20 minutes or less but it took us about 15 minutes at a steady walking pace.

The next house, the” Ambush House”, was very similar in terms of scares, and some happenings, but it had different themes: A (Western Roman)Convent/Church, a Kitchen, Sewers, The Metro(subway), Prison, and Hospital/Psych ward. More creatures and people hiding in the shadows, some hiding in plain sight. Loud banging sounds, actors jumping out of confined spaces were the norm in this section, but more gusts of air were used to give us a good jump scare. Some parts of the Ambush house were much more confined than the hysteria house, which made it hard for one to pass by someone ahead. Like the first house it takes around 20 minutes to go through at a steady pace. We made it through slightly less than that.

The last place we went was the “Stalker” Haunted corn maze. Like the previous two, not to spoil too much, we waited in line, then called up to the entrance, which resembled an old farmhouse(homestead). Some goat lady and a big guy by the name of “Cousin Otis” warned us to not touch Meemaws belongings, especially her cat.

Some words and phrases to describe the settings, surroundings, and sounds of this section: Subtle, quiet, paranoia, ambient sounds, winding paths, and darkness. I hope that isn’t giving too much away. 

Overall, I would give the experience as a whole, out of 10, around a 7. I think the visuals and the costumes and the sets were all very great; however, in the haunted house, to me at least, if there are too many loud noises blasting everywhere throughout nearly every section, one such as myself begins to somewhat predict what will happen next. 

The parts where it became very quiet and got really dark I found to be the most terrifying and  suspenseful, as one does not know what could happen, or what is lurking in the shadows (darkness). It would be a lot better if the haunted houses were longer, around 30 minutes to get through each. The corn maze was around 30-40 minutes (from what I remember) to get through. 

The corn maze did a better job at scaring me, but I must mention it’s not much of a maze. It’s just a winding path going through multiple small structures and sets and I wish it was more of a maze with dead ends, paths confusing enough to cause one to go in circles, and a narrower path. As previously stated, it did a better job at scaring me with the lack of very loud sounds in specific areas. In those areas, the only sounds were the standard ambient noises of the night in early fall, bugs making sounds, a little wind, and the faint sound of people in the distance. 

For those who plan on going for their first time to a haunted attraction, I stand my word in saying this is a good place to check out. Those who are hardcore or much more serious horror fans, I recommend that you go elsewhere.