Highway to Homecoming

Seniors win inaugural spirit cup


Tess Roberts, Feature reporter

Homecoming Week is always an exciting time here at our high school. From the different themes, dress up days, the inter-class sports competitions, the soccer and football games and, of course, the dance, everybody looks forward to it each year. This year’s theme and week of events (September 9-21, 2019) did not disappoint.

Highway to Homecoming” was the theme. There definitely were some interesting outfits. Beginning on Monday, it was Road to America.  Everybody dressed their best in red, white and blue.

Tuesday was Direction Day. The seniors were the West Coast, the juniors were the South, the sophomores were the North, and the freshmen were the East Coast. On Wednesday, instead of a dress up day, all students wore our “We Are One” T-shirts and an all school mass was held at the new Grotto.  Bishop Haines was present to hold mass and dedicate the grotto. After the dedication the high school had a cookout for lunch.

Students resumed dressing their best on Thursday. The theme was Things You See on the Highway. Students were dressed as traffic cones, construction workers, truck drivers, and traffic signs. Kyle Matrise came as St. Joe’s version of a state trooper. The last dress up day was Friday. Everyone demonstrated homecoming spirit by showing up in their class colors. Seniors wore green, juniors were red, sophomores were blue and freshmen were yellow.

 In addition dress up days, students had the opportunity to take in some friendly athletic competition. On Tuesday, the girls played powderpuff football.  The seniors dominated and took home the championship by defeating the sophomores. Then it was the boys turn to demonstrate their athleticism on Thursday with some friendly games of volleyball.  Once again it was all about the seniors, as they defeated the juniors.

Friday was the annual pep rally. It started off with a dance performance by the cheerleaders.  They were then joined by some boys from each grade. Based on that performance, one could conclude that some of the boys would make very fine cheerleaders, or maybe not.  After the performance by the cheerleaders, students once again participated in some friendly competition between classes. From the pep rally competition, students learned that the seniors are good at tug-of-war and eating fruit roll-ups, as they won four out of five competitions. Students also learned they are not so good at rock, paper, scissors. Congratulate the juniors on that big win.

It would not be a pep rally without announcing homecoming king and queen. Taking second runner-up were Joey Feudner and Alyssa Schmitz. Patrick Connolly and Katie Matrise were first runners-up.  Finally the 2019 Homecoming King and Queen:  Kyle Matrise and Alex Daher. Friday’s events were topped off with the Homecoming Parade. Normally the parade heads south to Ameche Field for the tailgate party, soccer and football games, but those events were scheduled for the next day. Instead the students made a big parade circle. Floats featured the homecoming court, cheerleaders, various class floats and football players.

Saturday’s events at Ameche Field started off with a schoolwide tailgate party.  The boy’s varsity soccer team defeated SWCHA, 3-0. Unfortunately, the football team was defeated 35-0 in a rain soaked, weather-delayed game against Racine Lutheran.

Saturday night’s dance topped off the week.  Everyone who attended dressed their very best and danced the night away.  Last but not least, the evening and this memorable week ended with the Class of 2020 being awarded the First Annual Spirit Cup Award.