Soccer sensations eye post-season

Boys soccer team determined to make deep run in playoffs


Joey Feudner, sports editor

The St. Joseph Catholic Academy Boys Soccer team has gotten off to a tremendous start, some would even say one of the best in the program’s history. Beginning the season ranked seventh in the state, the team had high expectations: to come out strong and aggressive, competing with every team they play. 

When asked about the key components to the early season winning streak, senior captain Patrick Connolly named multiple reasons. He mentioned drive, effort, love for the game, and buying into the process and the overall team goal: competing for a state title.

“It is every team’s goal to make it to the final stage of state, but how hard you work to get there will be the deciding factor,” Connolly said. 

The Lancers are in good hands with multiple seniors and plenty of experience and knowledge to spread to the underclassmen. Leadership, sticking together as one, and staying consistent will guide the team to their desired destination.

Frosh like team’s high standards

Freshman defender Nobert Otieno is one of the players with high standards. He knew the moment he stepped on the field with this team that they would have a ton of potential. Nobert, most popularly-known as the Kenyan Brick Wall, also added that he knew it’d be hard work during practices, but he would adapt to it and it would pay off during the games. 

“The captains have been a good part of our team’s success. They have really helped me and my teammates develop into becoming better soccer players and have helped our team grow altogether. We can definitely do some damage this season,” Otieno said. 

The Kenyan Brick Wall also commented on other teammates that he enjoys playing with, “Andrew Alia, Gio Bosco, Phillip Rizzitano, Matt Schulte. These guys are fun to be around. We have a ‘tough-love’ type of relationship and I like that about them.”

Other freshmen, including Micah Bischoff and Ian Ittner, also commented on the team’s success so far, claiming that they have never been a part of such a large varsity program with a winning mentality before. It felt good to get off to such a hot start, according to the two freshmen. 

Keeping a strong, defensive mindset and continuing to score goals will open the gates for the Lancers. And with everyone on the same page, the Lancers are definitely within reach of deep postseason run. Staying consistent will be a key factor through the ups and downs of the season, according to Head Coach Gino Alia.