South Africa: World of Wonder down under


Adam Antonneau

Cape Town, South Africa: Pure, beautiful, and full of excitement. There is never a dull moment when you travel to these wondrous lands. Whether it’s a hike to see the sun rise up on one of the many trails, or a “lazy day” sitting on white sandy beaches, it’s always certain you will be smiling ear to ear.

There are so many options on where to stay when you are looking into a vacation in the Cape Town area. It’s always important to immerse yourself in the culture of the foreign country you are traveling to. This can be done through myriad experiences in this country at the bottom of the world. Khayelitsha is the largest slums in the entire world, reaching a population of 400,000 people. It is here where you are able to walk around and meet many wonderful people, while also being able to dine at one of the most well respected restaurants in the area, “Amadoda.”

While in this country known for its amazing landscapes, it is necessary to go on a hike, and take in the breathtaking views. The best place to do this, is from a-top of Table Mountain, where you begin strolling through the hot dry grasslands of the mountain base. This quickly turns into a temperate forest filled with wildlife and amazing plants. Watch out for baboons though, as they are considered to be “South Africa’s squirrels.”As you reach the top, and exit the forest-like part of your journey, you reach a cool and misty part as you trudge your way up the steep, rocky trail. Finally, at the top of the 4,000 feet high mountain, you are not gonna get abetter view of the entire area, anywhere else. Thank God there is a gondola for the journey back down!

Cape Town Central

From the coastline of Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, to the always lively area of District Six, there will always be great people, food, and of course scenery, if you choose to stay in the heart of Cape Town.There are many places that are a must see when visiting the Cape Town area, these are essential staples that fit the tastes of all people. The first is visiting Robben Island. This is the location of a prison, where Nelson Mandela, one of the leaders against the Apartheid Government, and the first president of South Africa was jailed for nearly 30 years. Witness the tough living conditions and read up on the history of the great nation, while diving in to its troubled past.

Another day trip would be driving about 30 minutes south of Cape Town Central, to the Cape of Good Hope, otherwise known as the southernmost tip of Africa. This is one of the coolest places I have ever been, and I don’t know if I will be able to top it. The national park is full of trails, wildlife, and scenic views that you can take in for hours. Trails diverge all across the plains, but they all lead to one destination and that is an old lighthouse that is now the landmark located within the park. Where else are you gonna be able to say you’ve seen two oceans at one time (the indian ocean and atlantic ocean).

If your idea of vacation is laying out in the sun, then a day at Boulders Beach is for you. This is another national park, but the beach you can lay on has a twist. Boulders Beach is a great place to hang out for not just humans, but penguins as well. The beach is shared by humans and penguins, where animal lovers and beach lovers can come and enjoy their day. Watch the penguins, lay in the sun, swim in the warm indian ocean, or walk through the mangrove trails on the beach’s edge. This fun day will definitely not disappoint anyone.


The wine country of Cape Town, where you will be able to relax on the countryside, able to move from boutique to boutique, all while soaking in the golden rays of the sun and sipping some of the world’s finest wine.

South Africa is truly a world of wonder! (I’ll never forget it.)