The Dirt

The life of the craziest band ever

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The Dirt

Adam Antonneau, Chief Editor of the Sports Division of Sports Writing

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Insane, electrifying, off the wall; all ways to describe how the hair band Mötley Crüe lived their lives.

If you love energetic, high paced visuals and music, then The Dirt is a must-see movie. It is worthy of its ratings, and is only uncovering some of the things this insanely talented, and wild band used to get into as it rose to international fame.

The movie chronicles the crazy parties that the band would throw on a nightly basis. It explains who each member is, and the individual traits they bring to the table. The band is comprised of Nikki Skixx (bass), Tommy Lee (drums), Mick Mars (guitar), and Vince Neil (lead vocals).

It then goes from the party to describing each members background and how they came to be, starting with Nikki Sixx. It goes into vivid detail about his tragic life, with his abusive father who ended up abandoning him and his mother. This leads to his mother’s neglect and abuse of Nikki, creating the wild, and cold part of his personality. The film then fast forwards to Sixx in his 20’s, seeing him perform with and leaving many bands, and this led him to meet Tommy Lee.

Tommy Lee then takes over the story, describing himself as a “hopeless romantic,” with a great family who all have strong relations with one another. He talks about how he fell in love with drumming after joining the marching band in high school.

The two members then discuss their ambitions of how they want to rock hard and do things different then what everyone else is doing. They put an ad into the newspaper, looking for a lead guitarist, which leads them to Mick Mars. Mars brings experience to the young group, though he ephasizes that they need to be serious about the band or he is gone.

Having most of the pieces in place now, the group was only missing their front man. They discussed the needs this dude must have, which they narrowed down to lively, blonde, and fresh. Leading Tommy Lee to reunite with his old pal from high school, Vince Neil.

The group goes to a party where Vince is covering songs from other bands, and Mick Mars is quick to say he doesn’t like the way he sings, but they all end up agreeing Neil is their guy with the amount of girls wooing over him while he sings. Vince is the perfect fit for the band, as he meets all the requirements set by the band prior to their meeting.

Due to Mick Mars’ vast amount of experience in bands, he explains that they must have an amazing name because “10 times out of 10 if the name sucks, the band sucks.” This led to a true scene where the band is sitting in a circle coming up with names, leading to them choosing “Mötley Crüe”.

At this point forward, it talks about the crazy shenanigans the band gets into, from sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. It is unlike anything seen before in a rock movie, detailing each member and the way they are experiencing their fame.

From Mick Mars hanging low and drinking the night away, to Vince Neil and his love for finding multiple different women each night, the band goes insane. At the pinnacle of all the partying it then portrays the hardships that rocking this hard left on them.

It displays how the band hit a stump when lead singer Vince Neil killed a friend of the band, Razzle, leading to his temporary leave of abscense. The movies also talks about how the band was getting ruined within, due to Nikki Sixx and his crazy addiction to heroin.

Eventually the band cannot take it anymore, resulting in Vince Neil’s departure from the band, as they replaced him due to his abscence. This lasted for a few years, before sobriety reunited the band, allowing them to perform together once again.