Mark Your Calendars: May 12 – The Studio Art Show

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Mark Your Calendars: May 12 – The Studio Art Show

Ella Malecki, editor

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Come out and spy some of these student art pieces: paintings on homemade canvas, different hand sculptures, printmaking, works on plexiglass, charcoal drawings, and many more unique pieces.

Studio Art in a year-long class that allows the students to show their talents in a creative space. This course has the students explore many different mediums and gets them to form a personal style throughout their pieces.

Mrs. Stephanie Slamar is the teacher that helps in the process of creating the pieces of this amazing class. Her own talents have helped the students thrive and express themselves with her help.

“Mrs Slamar is the greatest person alive. I love her. She has inspired me in my work through her everlasting support,” said senior Mikayla Feest.

The students are excited to share their work. Senior Giana Apostoli explained, “It’s my first year in this class and I am super excited to be able to present my pieces of work that I have labored over all year.” She added, “I can’t wait to see what everyone else has created.”

“It would mean a lot to have people come out and support all of the artists. This has been my favorite class for the past two years because it really allows me to explore my creativity and grow as an artist. All of the students would love to have people come enjoy our creations,” said senior Ella Malecki.

Senior Jeremy Jin added his perspective as well: “I love art and I believe that art speaks a different perspective. I am excited to convey my passion to the rest of the world with art. One piece that I am excited to show is my unique gum wrapper comic strip because it reveals my personal style.”

The Studio Art Show will take place on Sunday, May 12 at 1 p.m. Attendees can enjoy some treats as they enjoy looking through the art. We hope to see you there!