Getting Back To Their Old Selves


The SJCA girls soccer team is back at the head of the pack.

Patrick Connolly, sports reporter

Coming off of a Division 4 State Championship title in the 2018 season, the Lancer girls had high hopes coming into the season. But after the first two games, all that went down. Playing against two Division 1 schools and losing both games brought their hopes down.

“It was a real downer,” said Junior forward Elizabeth Alia after a 6-1 loss to Bradford high school.

Their hopes of repeating were slowly deteriorating. Then they played Indian Trail and lost 5-2. The thought of being state champions once more was almost totally gone. Walking off the field with long faces didn’t look like the Lancers that we knew last year. The confidence was gone, the drive wasn’t there.

“We didn’t play as a team, it just doesn’t feel the same,” said junior goalkeeper Ellie Mandli.

With a majority of the season to go, the Lancers had some changing to do. They have a new team and a new coach, now it is time to lock in. Their next opponent, Christian life. Beating them by a total of 15-0 in two games last year, this is the perfect opponent to bring back that confidence and drive that was lacking in the first two games. After a 6-1 win, the team looked like themselves again.

“It was fun to watch the girls have fun,” said junior manager and boys soccer star Joey Feudner.

The girls were starting to get back to their old selves. But their next opponent was their to ruin that. Middleton Varsity Reserve has a great reputation in girls soccer. Now, key word is reserve. This team has so many players that this team is all reserves for the varsity A team. They have so many players that they have two varsity teams. Meanwhile, the Lancers don’t even have enough for a JV team. Going into this game, the ladies were severe underdogs. The Lancers played very well and came out with an outstanding 1-0 win.

“It was so much fun to run that team all over the field and give them a taste of what the Lancers are all about,” said sophomore midfielder Aryanna Connolly.

Now that confidence was back. But another tough opponent is up next. Lake Country Lutheran, who has always been good is up next for the Lancers. The Lancers had that confidence and went into that game knowing they were going to win. The start of the game did not go well going down 2-0 at halftime. But a spark in the girls offense brought them back into the game tying it in 20 minutes in the second half. Than their opponent score and again they were in the hole. Then the defense stepped up, not only stopping goals but scoring them. Ariana bosco a left back scores the third goal bringing them back. Now scoring again and making it 4-3 was forgotten when their star player, Elizabeth Alia, gets a red card in the 80th minute making them play down a girl. But the Lancers stayed strong and came out with a win.

Now on a 3 game win streak the lancers are looking good going into the rest of the season. Having the #1 ranking in Girls division 4 soccer, they are now back to their old selves.