Logan’s Farewell Tour

Will his play be remembered for generations to come? Does he have the gravitas of a legend?

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Logan’s Farewell Tour

Lily Karnes

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Man, legend, hot, some may even say demi-god? All of these are words that could and should be used to describe senior Logan Staples. As the new season of boys tennis gets underway, Logan has begun the long journey of his farewell tour. With state on his mind, Logan thus far seems unstoppable.

The last weekend of March was the start of this lengthy tour. Staples came in first place at the St. Francis tournament in Milwaukee. He has dedicated three long years of his high school career to this sport, putting his heart and soul into the SJCA boys tennis. He often spends long hours watching, reviewing, and playing tennis. This is the sport that consumes him and it is where he developed his beliefs and mannerisms.

Next stop on Logan’s farewell tour was a match against New Berlin High school at New Berlin High. When Staples was asked his feeling about the next match he replied, “I can already tell it’s going to be a quick 6-0 6-0.” Logan is extremely confident that he will have great success in his farewell tour and can see himself.

Staples can not take all of the credit for his extremely sick skills. He owes most of his talents to the original, man, myth, and legend, Todd Groblewski.

In fact when Staples was asked what he is going to miss the most about his time on the team he replied, “Getting yelled at by Mr. G was the highlight of all of my seasons and I will never forget it.” With Todd’s extensive background in tennis and his off-the-wall skills, he is able to offer Logan and the rest of the team the best possible training that the tennis world has to provide.

When Logan’s teammate Pierce Wenta was asked about what the relationship between Logan and Todd was like, he replied, “It’s like a father daughter relationship, but Logan hates my uncle.” If that does not explain this unbreakable bond, I don’t know what does.

Staples does not only serve as a dominant figure in the tennis community, but also an inspiration to all. Logan and his racket-loving soul brother Mario Matteucci have been trading their jerseys with lucky individuals, spreading love and positivity while giving the younger competitors hope that they will someday be able to hold a candle to them.

Logan is also a survivor and a team player. At a recent tournament,  he was taking a brief rest on the bench and cheering on his fellow tennisians when all of a sudden a coach from another team approached him and started yelling at him. Instead of lashing  back, Logan took the high road and stayed respectful to the elder. This occurrence showed the team and their fans just how graceful and radiant he can be.

Ultimately, Logan is ready to hegemonize the tennis competition and finish out his journey strong. The ending of a beautiful era is almost upon us and the SJCA community is ready to shed a single tear when the entirety of the senior boys on the tennis team retire their jerseys and continue on to wherever life takes them. One thing that we know for sure is that Logan will leave an incomparable legacy that will serve as a model for generations to come.