Class of 2019: The best? The worst?

Only history will determine that so stay tuned

Adam Antonneau, Chief Editor of the Sports Division of Sports Writing

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There are many different ways to describe the graduating class of 2019, some say it’s the greatest class ever, some may say it’s the worst, but no one will ever say it’s just average.

The core group of seniors have been together for many years now; some as many as 10 years. Combining with many kids from All Saints Catholic School, the Class of 2019 has become a lot like a family. Although, there are many different groups amoung the grade, when it comes down to it they are all friends.

As the days wind down, there are mixed emotions felt throughout the hallways and classrooms. Some students are overjoyed and excited to walk the stage at graduation, while others are reminiscing of the old times back in the early years of high school.

Head of the Bathroom Committee Jacob Wilke said, “I am so excited to close the year book, although I will miss my office (the last stall of the 3rd floor bathroom), it will be fun to start over, new and fresh.”

While the majority of the class of 2019 is looking forward to the ending of the school year so as to enjoy summer, some seniors like Eric Baldwin and John Laken are going to endure a completely different break this year.

Eric Baldwin will be leaving for boot camp June 3, to become one of the few, the proud, the Marines!

Laken, while not certain yet which branch best suits him, is still eyeing down the military this summer. “I’m not sure whether it will be the Coast Guard or T-Mobile One this summer, but I will do one of the two,” Laken said.

Senior Lily Karnes will continue to embark on her journey of being Miss Kenosha while competing to hold the title of Miss Wisconsin. “It still is brand new for me, so I am figuring out what to do and what all of it means. I hope to one day be Miss Wisconsin, maybe even Miss Milky Way Galaxy, I don’t know,” said Karnes.

There are also those who are saddened by the ending of the school year. Mikayla Feest and Maggie McGuire, two best friends forever (BFFs) who are one in the same, will be attending different colleges next year, and have only the summer remaining before starting their new journies. “We are going to miss each other next year, that’s for sure,” McGuire said. “It’ll be a strange new obstacle to over come, but I’m looking forward to it.”

So many fond memories have been made within the senior class, establishing long lasting friendships, one can only look back on with a smile. From best friends like Logan Staples and Sam Speca, to memories of taping Mrs. Witthun to the wall during homecoming week, it is definately safe to say the senior class has left a permanent mark on the whole of St. Joseph.

God Speed the Class of 2019!