Can We Prevent School Shootings?

2018 yet another bad year for school shootings

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School shootings are a major problem we face in America. They have become more and more common. Are there any ways we could prevent these tragic events?

2018 had the highest number of mass shootings, with 163 casualties. This has become a major discussion piece in politics. Gun control is one of the main issues needing to be addressed, including the environment children grow up in. Action needs to be taken so our schools are safer.

Some Statistics:

  • 1 out of every 3 homes with kids have guns; 1.7 million children.
  • One of three handguns are kept loaded and unlocked.
  • Most children know where these guns are kept.
  • There have been 1,600 since Sandy Hook (Sandy Hook was the 2012 elementary school shooting)
  • Most common endings to a school shooting are: the shooter fled; attempted/committed suicide; immediately surrender.

School shootings are devastating and affect many people. Students shouldn’t have to fear going to school, and parents shouldn’t have to worry about their children’s safety when they send them to school. It’s truly devastating that this fear has become more and more common each year.

Is there any way to prevent school shootings? What are our options to make our schools safer? Many people argue for security guards and even teachers armedwith guns for protection while others fight for more guns laws to prevent mass shootings.

Not every school shooter is the kid that was bullied or didn’t fit in. Some commonalities in school shootings include:

● Shooters are typically 17-year-old males;

● Suffer from a mental illness or exhibit the following traits:

– Extreme resentfulness

– Anger

– Desire revenge

● Come from broken homes;

● Economic insecurity is a part of their daily lives.

School shooters share some of the same traits, that have no relation to guns.

Instead of only focusing on the gun factor, we need to also focus on addressing mental health, helping those with broken homes and defeating economic insecurity.

Observing student behavior can lead to those potential school shooters being able to get help before any negative actions are made. Teaching kids social and emotional skills may help them open up to others and seek help. We need to address school and home environments as well as guns.