You Are What You Eat… And Listen To?

Molly Grabiel, feature reporter

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A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine told me a funny story about a child dropping the ‘F’ bomb. Though it was funny at first, it got me thinking about how the child even knew that word, and wondered if they knew the severity of it. One of the main reasons why children are so much different growing up now than how it was 10 or 20 years ago is because of their access to the Internet, and specifically the type of music they have access too.

Elementary and middle school children have all kinds of access to the world today. Because information is so easy to obtain, they are able to learn about the world faster as well. Children are able to reach inappropriate content way faster than years ago; they simply go online, and see whatever trending music video is on YouTube in just a few clicks.

A child is more likely to smoke if their parent smokes; how is that any different than being exposed to music about sex, drugs, and drinking? If anything it is more likely that they will venture into bad things because the media tend to romanticize drinking and drugs in music videos. Showing adults drinking and smoking pot can present a false image to a young, underdeveloped child’s conscience, and can lead them to believe it is fun and fine for them to do. In reality it is anything but.

It is said that music feeds the soul. If that is so then why do you wish to damage your children with atrocious music that will hurt them. All in all, people should be more aware of what their child is listening to, and what they are exposed to. That takes vigilance and careful monitoring by parents. Are they up to the challenge?