SJCA artist Jessica Flores is quick on the draw

Molly Grabiel, feature editor

Perseus by Jessica Flores.

Whether its painting in studio art or doodling in class Jessica Flores, a junior at St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy, is always drawing …. always creating.

“I like the flexibility of art,” said Flores. “I love that you can create absolutely anything. That is my favorite part.”

As a young child she liked anime and wanted to draw like the artists she favored. Flores then branched out to other art styles and fell in love with art. She practices and draws every day both on paper and on the tablet that connects to her computer.

She gets her inspiration from video games and concept artists and movies. Her favorite thing to draw is fantasy and horror. Her favorite artist is Junji Ito.

Flores is a part of multiple art clubs in school and participates in many art competitions. Many of which she has won. She entered a contest sponsored by a popular art supply brand, Sakura, of America, and won as an honorable mention award.

She wants to continue learning and creating art into college. Her dream school is the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. She wants to study game design and digital art in college and become a horror game designer or a concept artist.

She also wants to inspire others to draw, believing anyone can get something out of art regardless of one’s ability. “Every day I work to get better and to make something I am proud of,” says Flores. “I want to inspire others to keep going and keep drawing. I value creativity over skill.”