Couples spend Valentine’s Day in different ways


Patrick Connolly, feature reporter

Does Valentine’s Day mean more as you get older, or when you are younger? We all know the simple presents that are given, but what is the real meaning of Valentine’s Day? What does it mean to people? It seems that when one is younger it’s more exciting because one is new to all of the love stuff. When one gets older, maybe it’s just another day. Let’s find out.

“It is an excuse to buy yourself a lot of candy,” said single senior Lily Karnes. In contrast, Matt Hill and Gabby Schneider, a couple at St. Joe’s, intend to spend their Valentine’s Day together.

“You spend time with that person to let them know that they are worthwhile,” said Hill.

(Well said Mr. Hill. It seems that when one gets older and one has more privileges one has more freedom. So presents are not really the case now. It seems that as one gets older, relationships grow mature.)

“It is a day to spend time with the people that you love, to go out to eat somewhere and show her you care,” said junior Benjamin Franklin. 

A married couple of 24 years, Andrew (SJCA Alum of ‘84) and Heather Connolly (SJCA Alum ‘88) took a more “experienced” view of the holiday.

“At this age you are a lot busier, there is not much time on this day to spend with each other so the element of surprise is the way to go,” said Mrs. Connolly.

“Surprising each other with presents at work or a homemade meal at home is what is usually on my mind, but I try and change it up every year to let her know that you will take the time for her,” said Mr. Connolly. 

Valentine’s Day has a different meaning to everyone but one general feeling rules the day–that of LOVE.