Students support annual march for the defenseless

Protest marks 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade

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Students support annual march for the defenseless

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A contingent of St. Joseph Catholic Academy students flew out to Washington D.C. on Jan. 18 to participate in the annual March for Life, a movement described as “peaceful, prayerful and a beautiful thing,” according to SJCA junior Grace Borchardt. 

“It’s a great way to show respect for all life at every stage,” added Borchardt.

The annual march has taken place in Washington D.C. since 1973 as a peaceful demonstration against the supreme court decision Roe vs. Wade; the infamous case removed restrictions on abortion. The first march brought 20,000 supporters against abortion taking to the streets on January 22, 1974. Since then, the event has grown larger with a rough estimate of  650,000 people in 2013.

“It needs more recognition. It’s misunderstood,” said Mary Bolog of abortion and the annual march.

This year, the month-long government shutdown and the much colder weather brought additional concerns for supporters. However, these circumstances did not hinder many from protesting with thousands on top of thousands showing up.

“Every child is its own person from the moment of conception until the final breath of life and every human has the right even if they don’t have the voice to say it,” said Ms. Moyer, a chaperone. 

“We plan to march even if the government shutdown is not yet resolved. We have marched for 45 years and will march again this year to end the human rights abuse of abortion…” said a statement issued by event organizers.

“It’s a great way to show respect for all life at every stage,” said Father Todd.

The actual march began at 1 p.m. with hundreds of thousands marching towards the capitol building in peaceful protest.