Studio Art class inspired by Milwaukee Art Museum

October 30, 2018


Each year the Studio Art class takes a trip to the Milwaukee to explore the Milwaukee Art Museum and have a delicious lunch at the Public Market. Before arriving to the museum, the class was given the task to find a painting that they liked and do a report on the artist. With this painting, they were given the task to create a painting that is based on the artist’s style.

The Milwaukee Art Museum is home to many great works of art, such as Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup and Claude Monet’s Sunlight Effect so picking just one painting was a difficult task. Senior Emily Krause is planning a landscape oil painting inspired by the artist Emil Nolde, “It was my first trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum and it was a blast! I loved seeing the different types of art and it made me really excited to start my own museum project!” Krause said.

John Laken, Varsity Studio Art class member and art critic said,”The way the art spoke to me was just so surreal. I felt like the art was trying to speak to me, almost to tell me a secret that they’ve been holding in for years.”

Not everyone can be as enlightened as John Robert Laken but second year Studio Art member Myown Sims added,” I think the museum trip really helps inspire me. We are able to see all types of art and find what we like.”

Myown is a very talented artist and looking to go to school next year to study art. For her museum project she is doing a painting inspired by the artwork of Georgia O’Keeffe. She wants to add the landscapes, animal skulls, and flowers the Georgia used in many of her paintings in her own. There are many more students in the Studio Art class that have great ideas and interpretations of the art they saw.

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