Comic Cover Contest (CCC) announced

William Van Lannen, managing editor

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Comic book cover contest

The St. Joseph Comics Universe, a new club here at St. Joseph Catholic Academy, is accepting entries for the first annual comic book cover contest. The deadline is April 27. Prizes will be awarded to the top three entries.

SPONSOR: St. Joseph Comics Universe

One cover 8 x 11 or 11 x 17 (on google docs or on paper)

Must include:

  • PRICE and # in sequence & Publisher name (upper left hand corner)
  • IMAGE(S) – hand drawn or computer aided
  • A story headline (a title wanting you to open the book to read the story)
  • Word bubbles (dialogue on cover)
  • Stamp saying “Approved by the comics code authority” – it must conform to accepted standards
  • Names of creators (somewhere small on cover – can be carefully hidden)
  • NOTE: Comic can be supernatural, superhero, funny, space-oriented, scientific, religious, etc. 

Prizes awarded for top three submissions.

Deadline for submissions: April 15

(Questions: See Mr. Van Lannen, room 308)