Dance team is a life-affirming experience


Teresa Cava, reporter

The Lancerette Pom/Dance team is a fairly new addition to the extracurricular sports activities at St. Joseph Catholic Academy (SJCA). The team is currently made up of 18 girls who perform on the sidelines and at halftime of both football and basketball games. There are many reasons why the Lancerettes are a great group and why more students should be a part of our team. Being on the dance team helps create new friendships, provides great exercise, and opens up many new opportunities at the school.

The first reason why people should join is the many new friendships that are formed. My friend Lily and I had joined the Cheer/Dance team for the football season 2016 when we were sophomores. We always thought that we would never join the cheer team at school because we didn’t think it would be fun and usually people make fun of the cheer team. We decided to join it however, because we were close with Miss Melissa Taylor, who was one of the coaches. We thought that we could make it fun and meet new people. Our cheer team had six girls on it. It was a very small team but I loved it. I became very close with each of the girls and we all became good friends. We had tons of laughs and memories. Miss Taylor had always wanted to have her own dance team at this school. So it happened that after the 2016 football season, the school approved for us to become a pom/dance team. Lily and I were excited because we liked the dancing aspects most.

Practices for the dance team are good exercise but also lots of fun. There hasn’t been a practice that I remember where I haven’t died of laughter. We are a pretty funny group. We crack jokes the whole time. We also have dance parties all the time during our water breaks. For example during the beginning of October, Halloween is coming, so we jammed Halloween music and danced along.

We learn new dances for every game so when it comes time to be serious, we are. Our dances are very fun and easy to learn. During the season we perform during the halftimes and cheer on the sidelines of football and basketball games. Our dances at halftime can be themed also, like the game before Christmas break, when we dressed up in ugly sweaters and Christmas socks and performed to a Christmas song. We also perform at competitions during the winter. The practices begin in the summer and go to October for football season. Homecoming week is the best time ever. We perform at halftime, so we ask boys to join us and learn a fun boy-girl dance that the students love. The boys and the team have the best time creating the dance at practices. We also help decorate lockers and we get to be a part of the parade at the end of the week.

For the almost four seasons that I have been on the team, I have met so many new people and became friends with a lot of them. A great benefit of being on the team is being more involved in school. We participate at pep rallies, dances, and games. You are able to meet new people and form memories. If you’ve never danced before, you can learn new dance skills and find that you actually really enjoy dancing. The dance team becomes very close throughout the season, we become best friends and tell each other everything. Our coach, Miss Taylor, is also the best, you become very close with her and can tell her anything. The dance team allows you to get out of your comfort zone.

More people should join the dance team this year because you create bonds with so many people that you didn’t think you would. I joined a team to create new friendships and new skills and it worked. You learn many new dance skills and new dances. I am very glad that I joined the dance team because it allowed me to make many new friendships that I will have for the rest of my life. But most importantly it helped me get out of my shell at school. I am very shy and the dance team helped me move out of my comfort zone, meet new people, not really care what people think of me, and be more open to new things. I urge more people to join the dance team and any other team in school so that they get to experience the many benefits of being on a spectacular team!