What are you thankful for this year?

What are you thankful for this year?

Nico Bilotti, reporter

What are you thankful for this year?

St. Joseph Catholic Academy has a lot to be thankful for in 2017. Here are some of the things that are important to our students and staff:

“I am thankful for being alive and healthy.”

  • Nico Bilotti, senior

“My friends, because they support me no matter what.”

  • Justin Hill, senior

“My family, because they will always be around when I need them most.”

  • Ben Scopp, senior

“The opportunities in my life. It feels great to be where I am today.”

  • Joey Ilada, senior

“My girlfriend, she always motivates me.”

  • Christan Pelt, senior

“Ms. Medved, because she is very understanding.”

  • Ray Knight, junior

“Cellphones, so I can text my grandma.”

  • Will Michael, junior

“America, I love being free.”

  • Jacob Wilke, junior

“My hair, It makes me looks cooler.”

  • Adam Antonneau, junior

“Apple Music, because I get to listen to all my favorite songs.”

  • Eric Baldwin, junior

“My brothers, they make me laugh.”

  • Liz Alia, sophomore

“My friends, they are so nice to me.”

  • Stella Harrington, sophomore

“My family, because they will always be here for me.”

  • Katie Matrise, sophomore

“My sister Katie, because she puts up with me.”

  • Kyle Matrise, sophomore

“Nico Bilotti, he always makes me laugh.”

  • Joey Feudner, sophomore

“Being able to attend SJCA.”

  • Matt Antony, freshman

“My family.”

  • ” Sabrina Baumgartner, freshman

“Many great teachers at this school.”

  • Tyler Michael, reshman

Teachers & Staff:

“Moving back home and coming here.”

  • Ms. Westphal, Brit Lit

“My students.”

  • Mrs. Berry, theology

“Friends and family.”

  • Mrs. McGonegle, LRC

“My mom.”

  • Ms. Neu, art

“Good health.”

  • Mrs. Slamar, art

“SJCA being so kind and welcoming.”

  • Mr. Gesell


Our SJCA community has much to be thankful for as indicated by these many responses. Some things are small details in our day, some things are large parts of our life, and some have to do with our families. Whatever it is that is important to us, we should appreciate them every day, not just during this time of year. But in November, we place a stronger emphasis on expressing our thanks. We pray for souls we have lost and we pray for what we have. Happy November! Happy Thanksgiving!