Publications: A hands-on production

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Jake Gessert, reporter

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What is publications here at St. Joe’s?  Publications is an elective class taught by Mr. Bill Van Lannen. The class publications is probably one of my favorite classes this semester. I love how Mr. Van teaches us about how to write news stories, and how he teaches us about taking pictures and using the right settings on the camera.

Justin Hill is a senior at St. Joe’s, and he is in my class as well. His favorite part of the class is “working on the yearbook pages with my friends,” Justin is one of the top students in publications.  He has a great productivity score and works extremely hard. What is a productivity score? A productivity score is a score that we get every week that shows our progress and how much work we do on our assigned pages. It is tabulated through spyware software on the Josten’s yearbook site. 

“I love doing the pages and learning how to do all sorts of editing,” said Siyuan Wang, a sophomore.

Every week there are all sorts of different events and at almost every event there is a student or Mr. Van there taking photographs. In class, Mr. Van asks who can take pictures at the events and students volunteer to work on their photography skills and get more photos for their pages. Each student is assigned pages and they take photos so they can add them and attempt to fill 144 pages.  

Even if you’re not in the class you can still help work on the yearbook. There’s this app called the “Replay It app.”  The Replay It app allows you to upload pictures to the yearbook websites and then your photos could be featured in the yearbook.  First you download, then you make an account with a password. After that you find SJCA and you can upload the photos to the website. We’d love for you to join our hard-working staff.