Why are creators of tech sending their kids to non-tech schools?


Katiemarie Owen, editor

The recently-published article “Tablets out, imagination in: the schools that shun technology” is quite interesting and highly thought-provoking on many levels.

The main point throughout the article is that the creators of Google, Apple, and Yahoo are sending their children to non-technology schools. There is not one smartphone, screen, or tablet in sight at these schools. It really questions whether the new age of technology is improving our knowledge.

I personally think that this could be “a good,” but can as be hurtful to the students as well. I think not having any technology can be a good thing for the mind. I agree when they state in the article that it brings a more artistic approach to learning, and that it opens their minds up more. It stops them from being inside of the box, they can think outside of it.

On the other hand, I think that this could harm the students. We are in a day of age where everything is technology. In “normal” schools, there are classes that teach you how to use technology. How are the students supposed to learn how to use a computer or use a Microsoft program if technology is banned? With technology always growing, it’s hard enough as it is for a normal student to keep up with it.

I think the non-use of the technology can be a good thing. I mean I do believe taking notes by hand and making things by hand helps your retain it better and be more creative. But I also think it’s a little extreme to take all technology away. It’s almost a necessity in this day of age. It is also quite ironic that the creators of these huge technologies companies are sending their kids to these strict non-tech schools. To me this shows that technology is destroying our learning and the creators of these technologies sense it by sending their kids to non tech schools proves the point.

Overall I agree with the article for the most part. I think by not incorporating so much technology in our lesson plans we might be able to retain more information, and to be more creative. But having technology in school can also help you blossom your creativity in a new way.

Still, if we are not taught in school how to use technology or how to incorporate it in our lives then how are we supposed to advance in society? Most jobs require the use of technology.

I think that the parents of these children are doing the right thing, but I think it’s a little extreme. This non- tech way of learning is great for them. They make a great point in showing test scores are

better when you’re not engaged in technology. It helps you focus better. But I think that you have to think about the long run. Technology is developing all the time and who knows what the future holds. How are your children supposed to learn how to use it and incorporate the technology into their lives when you’re banning the use of it?