Student profile: Jenny Jin

Enjoys playing chess

Nalin Kim, reporter

Jenny Jin is a 14-year-old freshmen at St. Joseph Catholic Academy. She does not immerse herself in extracurricular activities at school as she is working to be a great student.

This year, Jenny desires to easily adapt to her life in America and to improve her verbal skills. Not only does does she want to improve her speaking skills, but she also wants to push herself to achieve A’s in all her classes so she has the successful year she wants this school year.

One thing Jenny enjoys doing is playing chess. She wants to learn more about American history since she is an international student. Regarding college, she is continuously researching schools in the country so she has an idea of one she wants to attend. When the time for college comes around, she aspires to become a psychologist. With this in mind, she is going to work hard, putting in long nights studying and working to overcome everything that comes here way.