The Eye of God


Dr. Faramarz Hidaji

The eye of God.

Dr. Faramarz Hidaji, photographer

The full eclipse of 2017 lived up to its billing in most parts of the country. In Wisconsin, clouds made for a less than spectacular showing but it was greeted with widespread anticipation none the less. These spectacular photos were taken by amateur astronomer Dr. Faramarz Hidaji, a friend of SJCA. What an awesome sight indeed! Imagine viewing this from space. How humbling and grand. In ancient times, an eclipse was met with fear and panic. What does it portend in 2017? An omen of troubling times or the sign of a new beginning. Let’s pray that it’s a reminder that God is in control – the Divine Watchmaker who sets things about their course. Is this an example of randomness and cold-hearted calculus or is it the calculated machinations of the Supreme Being?–William Van Lannen