The buzz on endangered bees


Sydney Antonneau, middle school reporter

Bees, they provide so much for us yet we barely even acknowledge them. Bees are an incredibly important resource in the world. You may not realize it but bees help you every day and it’s time we give back to our tiny helpers. Bees are vital to our human foodsupply, they are also are extremely good for business, and they play a huge role in nature and the growth of nature.

“Bees are cool because they are nice and bright and it is fun to watch them pollinate plants,” said Ben Hodge, a seventh-grade middle schooler.

Everyone knows bees make honey, it’s a well known fact. Well, for all the honey lovers out there they may not get to enjoy their favorite treat if bees go extinct! For those of you who are not quite fond of honey it will still affect you! Bees pollinate a ginormous amount of crops that people eat every single day.

Anna Becker is really upset at the fact that bees are on the endangered list and could actually go extinct. She said, “It would be sad to see the bees die because then there would be no more honey, and I really love honey.” 

Believe it or not, honey bees bring in a lot of income to the United States. According to “Take Part,” the United States makes $150 million a year from honey. Honey is a great way to help make our country more money but if honey bees go extinct we would lose that extra money. 

Bees are crucially important for nature’s sake. They help pollinate flowers and keep them growing and spreading across the world. Without bees there would be no one to pollinate plants, crops, and flowers. I hope by reading this you realize just how important bees are and why we need to help protect them. They help us in so many ways that we don’t even realize. We are very lucky to have bees who help provide for us and our needs.