Controversial shot lights up twitter, social media

Hometown fans think game is yet to be decided


It’s typical to review big plays in big games so why not here?

“I have played multiple games when the buzzer would go off and everything was reviewed. Especially when you have a 30 second shot clock and a red light on the backboard. In other words you know when the game is done and nobody is cheated. After my own game of being robbed with the same situation of time I decided to follow up on our boys game at Destiny High School. The atmosphere was crazy. Fans were jumping all over the place; the gym was like a box with nowhere to escape. Our boys were absolutely robbed due to the fear the refs had.

“As an elite athlete I always feel high school games can easily get taken away from you. From my experience, I’ve learned the referees do not enjoy going against star athletes. They do not call it fair; it’s obvious they feel you can handle it all. These are games that mean lots of people and to get them taken away from you is disheartening. Film review is important and can save a game. Their should be one computer that is able to review the game while it is playing. It’s not that hard or expensive to have a go to laptop so that people will not get games snatched from them.” – Sidney Cooks

Social media exposed this travesty

“Twitter and social media allowed for this injustice to get the coverage that it deserves. Social media allowed everyone to see what the refs obviously couldn’t see. In the video, you can clearly see that the player dunking’s hand is not even above the rim when the clock strikes zero. I feel that the refs counted the basket because they were afraid of what was going to happen to them if they allowed Destiny to lose. Not only did the security guards fail to control the crowd, but they failed to make the refs feel safe. This caused the refs to make calls based on the crowd’s reaction instead of basing it on actual rules.

“Many people are outraged as the video is shared on social media. This form of media allows the viewer to pause, rewind and rewatch the footage.”- Matt Broderick

How did the media technology drive the story?

“Media technology is a huge influence on the youth of America today. If there is any sort of controversy, you’ll find it all over social media. People rant the most on twitter. Right after the St. Joe’s vs. Destiny basketball game, people were already tweeting their thoughts on the game. Many were happy with the outcome, saying that Destiny deserved to win that game. Rightly so, both teams gave their all, putting everything they had on that court. However, there was a lot of controversy with the outcome. Many tweeted saying the refs were unfair, saying that the ball was still in the hands of the Destiny player when the buzzer sounded.

“Since there was a lot of controversy with the refs and the crowd, people were ranting on twitter, letting all their feelings be known. People were feeding off of other’s tweets, either agreeing or disagreeing. This created a bigger reaction. Since many were tweeting and feeding off of other’s reactions, the story became popular. It became a common topic of discussion and debate. Debating whether the refs were favoring one team, or if they were too scared of the crowd’s reactions so they made certain calls. Many debated saying that Destiny’s crowd won the game for the team. That since they stormed the court, the refs couldn’t get the crowed under control and start the game again, and decided to just call it game. Was the game won fair and square? Or were the refs too scared of the crowd creating violence that they gave them the outcome they wanted?” – Maggie Rafferty

WIAA should adopt video review
“I think that the WIAA should adopt video review, to make it fair to see if there were fouls and other things at play.  I think it was stupid that they thought Sidney fouled out, but she did not; the fans could clearly tell.

“Yeah it would bring costs to do reviews in high school basketball, but its worth it for all parties. It’s good for the teams, fans, and referees.  I think the WIAA can expand and be more professional in terms of reviewing plays so as to make the right call.” – John Anderson

Team Disagrees With Call

Invest in backboard lights

“The WIAA needs to go back and check the video. The other team did not win. He still had the ball in his hand. Yes the game was cool, but no way that team scored that last point. The WIAA needs to invest in the LED lights that go behind the backboard so they know exactly when it hits zero.” – Nico Bilotti

Needed to be played at bigger venue

“I think that the game that was taken Saturday was ridiculous, even though I was not physically there, I heard about it the minute after, I saw it on social media, the night it was taken after and the day after. WIAA needs to make sure that schools are BIG enough to hold the audience, Destiny was in no shape, way, or form big enough for all those people. From pictures I saw there are guests standing right by the court, almost on the court. SJCA fans were allegedly not allowed into the game, but all of the Destiny fans were allowed.

“Then they win off a invalid buzzer beater dunk. There is video, and multiple pictures showing that the buzzer went off before he made the dunk. They needed refs who were not scared of the crowd, and were to treat each team fairly. This should have gone into double over-time. They also should have had this game at a neutral site to insure refs would be fair, everybody was allowed in, and there was enough room for everybody.” – Avery Cottrill

Game never really ended

“On the topic of the Destiny High School vs. Saint Joseph Catholic Academy Regional final game, it was handled awfully. From my point of view, it was barely handled at all. At the end of regulation, the home fans of Destiny High School stormed the court when the game was sent to overtime. There should have been a technical foul assessed to them, allowing St. Joe’s to send a player to shoot free throws before OT had started, thus ending the game right then and there if one of the two shots had gone in. This right here is a perfect example and clear cut evidence of an intimidation factor on behalf of the home team crowd. The security had done nothing either, there was no control over the fans who were on the court most of the time and did not allow the refs to stand in proper position due to a packed gymnasium. A member of the WIAA board was not allowed in, yet there were roughly a 15:1 fan ratio in favor of Destiny over St. Joe’s. St. Joes fans were denied into the building as well, which is unheard of.

“There is absolutely no way the shot should have counted either, at the end of OT where there is video evidence and pictures showing the player had the ball in his hand as the clock ran off and still dunked it through and it counted. The refs “ran out” after the play, no official referee had gone to the scorer’s table to make an official call either, so how do we assume the call? Because the fans ran on the court it means the play counted? Is it because there were more Destiny fans and they were at home so if the refs are gone they make the call? There weren’t fouls called all game either, it’s not even like the refs threw the game at the end, the entire game was officiated awfully. In conclusion, the regional final vs. Destiny High School and Saint Joseph Catholic Academy has still technically not ended, with no official call by a referee on a buzzer beater that had gone in after the buzzer had gone off, leaving the game at a tie, 80-80 but left everyone assuming the shot was good due to the fans storming the court (again) until videos and pictures were looked at after the game. Clearly a second overtime should have started, you can’t say evidence and proof is false.” – Christopher Davis

Sid gets no respect

“Why does Sidney get such rough treatment? Is it envy? Is it her height? What do you think drives this? How much different will the officials be at the All-American game? One reason I think that the reason a lot of people dislike Sidney is because of her skill, She is so good at the game and the main reason they don’t like her is because everyone recognizes that she is good at what she does. People get mad because she is achieving what they never could, going to college on a full ride, McDonald’s All-American, high potential and good enough to go pro.

         “I believe it is envy. envy for her skill, for her height and her opportunities. Getting a full ride to Michigan State and people just envy her because most of them never had the opportunity or the drive that she has. She doesn’t get her skill naturally like most people think. She spends hours training and pushing herself to her absolute limit. People shouldn’t judge her before they get to know her. As they should for all people. Don’t hate on an All-American.” – Zayne Fani

Craziest game I’ve ever been a part of

“They should have came to review the call, instead of run off of the court. This was the craziest game that I have ever been a part of. Everyone knowing that we should have won, I believe that if we would have won we would have had a good chance at state. The emotion was so high, looking at the pictures everyone was so into the game. It sucks that it had to end this way being robbed the second year in a row at that place. I still believe something should be done about this. We have all the evidence; at least something should happen to the refs.

Sidney gets rough treatment because she is so good, people don’t like her because she’s very outgoing and loves the game. Taking that away from her is not the right thing to do. The officials act differently because there’s a lot of talent on the court.

The media drove this because it was all over twitter that night. It was submitted to the news, and sent to the WIAA.” – Ronnie Fredrick

WIAA messed up here

“The basketball game played by SJCA this weekend was handled very poorly by the WIAA to say the least. There was not just one error made during this game that upset so many people, it was the multiple errors made. Just to name a few things, the final shot to win the game should not have counted and if it were not for the refs being scared for their safety forcing them to literally run out of the game once it was finished the game would still be going. Maybe, the game could have been scored fairly; this leads on to my next point. What kind of security did they have that made the refs so scared they had to run out, the students were uncontrollable and it was a fire hazard of a gym that for some reason is cleared by the WIAA to be played in?! The WIAA top 10 people are being payed millions and this happens?” – Matt Giannola

Max Serpe Clearly Getting Fouled

Sid will get treated better in the big leagues

“Sidney is treated unfairly in basketball games because she is so tall and big and so much better then the other girls. She has people trying to see her fail at all times because they are jealous of her. She is an amazing basketball player and is getting recognized for it, so of course people are going to be jealous of her. She worked hard to get where she is which is why it’s so unfair for her to be treated this way. The refs take pity on the girls from the other team because they aren’t as tall and talented as Sid. Everything to them looks like a foul because she is so big.”

“When Sidney goes to play for her All-American team it will be different for her because all these girls are just as good as her. The refs wont take pity on anyone because they all know what a a real game is like. They know they will be playing the best of the best. It will be a much more fairer game for Sidney to reach her full potential.”- Julissa Martinez

It’s sports, deal with it

“Honestly there’s just a lot of complaining going on for an issue that will never be changed. It’s high school basketball not the NBA. If the refs blow a call, oh well. It’s not like the players are perfect either. We all know that the refs missed the call but would you have done anything different in that environment? Probably not so don’t keep bickering about them. They don’t need video review, they just need even (neutral) locations for the games in the playoffs.

“With Sidney yeah they’re going to not give her calls because she’s so much bigger. When Diamond Stone played he was never getting that many calls and no one at St. Joe’s would complain about that. It seams to be we only care about getting cheated when it happens to us.” – Alex O’Lear

Social media opens new opportunities, dangers

“I believe that the influence of technology was prevalent in the past basketball games at St. Joe’s. The ability for anyone to review, submit, and offer their own opinion on any event is astounding. In terms of mass communication, this ability is mind-boggling. We truly live in an age of digital enlightenment.

“But, this also comes with its disadvantages as well. Anyone can send anyone anything at any time. People can give helpful comments, but also hurtful ones as well. Because of a controversial call, or a bad game, anyone could write or speak anything. That is the downside of social media. It can help so much but hurt at the same time. It is something that our generation has to deal with constantly.” – Michael Van Brunt.