Lent is beginning of new season, new outlook

Lent is beginning of new season, new outlook

Madeline Perez, reporter

This year, the first of March is not only the beginning of a new month, but a new season in the Catholic Church. The Season of Lent is upon us, a season of prayer, fasting, and growing closer to God.

Many people see Lent as the time to give up things that aren’t necessities or things are not good for them. For others, it it seen as a time of giving, charity, and consistency.

“I want to go to Feed My Starving Children at least once every week during Lent,” said junior Carson Pond. People will give up soda or sweets, while others will make sure that they work out every day or do one good deed every day. “I’ve decided to exclude drinks that aren’t water during Lent. It’s something that is going to be difficult, but something I want to commit to,”  said senior Julissa Martinez. Whether you do either of the two, you are preparing yourself for Easter during the Lenten Season.

Ash Wednesday marks the first day of Lent. This is when you are marked with a cross of ashes on your forehead. This also marks the beginning of fasting, excluding adults and the elderly. This is also the beginning of no meat on Ash Wednesday, Fridays during Lent, or Good Friday. So stack up on those Filet O’ Fish, fish sticks, and cheese pizza.

When Lent comes to an end, we celebrate Easter. In Christian beliefs, Easter is the day when Jesus is said to have resurrected.   The Easter season brings families together and provides a variety of activities for families to take part in. Going to church, dying eggs, and having family gatherings are a few examples families can do together. “My family goes to Holy Week masses and we color Easter eggs. Because of our heritage, we also have a special Easter Breakfast,” said senior Annie Sheard.

The Easter Season brings lots of joy for children as well. It is the time of maximum candy and sweets. For most children it is like a Halloween before Halloween. It’s the time of chocolate, jelly beans, and sugar all around. Children also get activities like Easter-egg hunts, Easter baskets, and egg dying. They also get to visit the “Easter Bunny,” and get to take pictures with him. How could a child not enjoy the Lenten Season?